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 About the experience

of having a photo session with me:

Owning beautiful portraits of yourself and loving how you look in them is a big deal ( especially these days ) and let's be honest - having photographs of yourself that you are proud of, can bring big positive changes in your self-esteem and confidence... and not having any can make drive our confidence in the other direction.  I truly understand what is at stake here so I always give my best to create photographs reflecting the exquisite beauty and charisma of each one in front of my camera. I firmly believe that not only famous people we see in the media should have amazing contemporary photographs of themselves. I believe that you and I deserve it too. 

I understand that many of us who are not experienced photo models might feel anxious about being in front of the camera and probably think that you are not photogenic. This is absolutely normal. The good news is: "It's not your job to be 'photogenic' or 'good in front of a camera’. In reality the photographer ( a-hmm - me ;) ) is the one who makes the model being photogenic.


You really don’t need to worry about anything, as I will prepare you and guide you through every step of the process. I promise you that a photo session with me is an easy and fun experience that you will remember with a smile on your face. 

The Maya Swan experience is not about a makeover (although I do pamper you and make you over a bit ;) ...   It’s about looking like yourself, while getting the best of "feeling like a model". It’s about embracing your authentic beauty.

Before the session, we will have an consultation (usually online), where we talk about your photo session and discuss the purpose  and overall mood you'd like to achieve in your new portraits. I will provide you with PDF guides to help you prepare well in advance so at the day of your photo shoot you can just relax and enjoy the special experience. During the session you all you need to do is follow my guidance in posing and expression and together we will create the most beautiful photographs for you to treasure for a lifetime.

The creation of your beautiful portraits is something you can enjoy on your own, or you can bring your loved ones to join in. Whether you would like to celebrate a life milestone, boost your self-confidence, treat yourself or your loved ones with an exiting new experience or have professional portraits for your business marketing - I am here for you.

Isn't it time to fall in love with your portraits?

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