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hello, i'm maya swan...

me photo website.jpg

.... a photographer specialising

in modern women's portraiture

I strive to empower and bring positive internal transformation in any woman in front of my camera. I want to help her see and realize the authentic beauty and power she already has.

I love simplicity and I don’t think a woman needs too much make up or elaborate wardrobe to look amazing. The Maya Swan experience is not about a makeover. It’s about looking like yourself (on your best day) ... It's also about boosting your  internal transformation and helping you reach that state of embracing your authentic beauty and feeling good enough to move forward in your life.

I SPECIALIZE in photographing women.

That means that you are in the very capable hands of someone who does this ALL the time. And I love it. I love to lift women up and I am so happy that I found a way to do this through photography.

I truly believe in the transformative power of an impactful image that makes a woman to fall in love with herself even deeper.

At your portrait session, it's going to be just you and me, in my private studio. I will do your hair and make-up, as I do for all my clients. For the entire session time, you will be in my care, and I will take care of you.

I know how difficult it is to be relaxed and yourself in front of the camera and I acknowledge the natural discomfort of being “on the spot”. Don’t worry about it though. I have this special power of putting you at ease and capturing the best of you. That said I need to assure you that you don’t need to know what to do in front of the camera. This is my part ;) I will guide you in posing and expression to the smallest details. I have experience working with all body shapes and I know how to portray the best in every woman. The women you see on this website are not professional models. They are career women, moms, wives, sisters…etc.. They are who you might bump into on a walk to the shop or during the school run.

I often work with busy, strong, striving women who want to have a moment just for themselves. Who need to take a breath, reconnect and remind themselves that they are beautiful and amazing, boost their confidence and continue recharged and excited about life.
I truly believe in the transformative power of an impactful image that makes a woman to fall in love with herself even deeper.

Many of the women I work with are business ladies in need of captivating, custom tailored photographs for their personal branding and marketing presentation. I love to help them to shine bright in a the very busy, image saturated market we have today.

I would love to meet you and capture You in beautiful portraits!

Which type of photo session would you like to have?

If you want to exist in exquisite photographs which portray you in a your most beautiful light

 Contact me (Hint: click that button above)

We might be the perfect match for creating your amazing portraits.

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