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a little somethin'


Hello lovely people,

I am so glad you are here wishing to get to know more about me and my world of creativity.

I hope this little something about me will help you get some good initial impression of myself.

However, If you are interested to know more and have a real life interaction with me don't hesitate to email me and set a zoom discovery meeting.

I would love to have a chat with you and get to see you too :)


Okay... let's start with some history:

In a time far far away ... Before I became a photographer I used to be a graphic designer.

For about a decade I was creating beautiful marketing materials, websites and magazines for my clients.

Why is this important?

Because I feel that having been on this side of the visual marketing helps me greatly to understand your needs and create photographs with purpose and flexibility. I know how difficult it is to have brilliant visual presentation without the support of the right photographs. 


That's why prior to your personal branding session we always discuss your message, website and your plans for future visual marketing so we can nicely complete it with spot on photographs of you. 


I am an artist and designer by education. Painting, drawing and creating visual beauty has been part of my life since preschool. I was lucky to discover my talent early and use it to feed my heart and the souls of others.


After I had my second child I became a portrait photographer due to my never ending curiosity and love for people combined with my desire to create visual beauty. 


I connect with all my clients easily. I am very flexible and easy going. I improvise all the time. That's one of the reasons my photo shoots are so relaxed and enjoyable: I go with the flow and adjust to my clients needs and boundaries.


Just like everyone, I have many sides and passions . One of them is that I have always been fascinated by human behavior and emotions. I constantly educate myself on the subjects of psychology and personal growth. 

This helps me greatly to talk to and connect with coaches and therapists ( maybe that's why many of my clients come from this line of work).


I like to say that I am 80% psychologist and 20% artist, which makes me a 100% portrait photographer.


Well, this was a little bit about me.

Now it's your turn. Email me and let's jump on zoom to have a chat about you and your photography needs and ideas.


Wishing you a lovely day


See you soon 


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